patron of network: Ovidius in exile (Tomis (Constanza),  Romania)


Igor Severyanin and Estonia


Konstantin Balmont and Lithuania


Henry Parland and Lithuania


Natalie Trauberg and Lithuania (1958-1970, 1980-1985)


Axel Munthe and Italy


Jurgis Baltrushaitis and Russia. In 1900-1914 he also spend much time in Italy and Norway.



Oscar Lubicz Milosz and France


Eugene Ionesco and France


Mirca Eliade and France


Nikolay Gogol and Italy

A book about NE corner of Estonia and it’s literature   Ida-Virumaa rahvakultuurist  – koostanud Ingrid Rüütel   (in Estonian)

Review of the “Dainiai be tautos. Lietuvos rusų rašytojų strategijos (po) sovietmečiu, vilnius: Lietuvių literatūros ir tautosakos institutas, 2013,” (“Bards without Homeland. Strategies of the Russian writers of Lithuania after Soviet times” by Taisia Oral)